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Left to right are Pouchong Tea, Roasted Pouchongand Oriental Beauty Tea.

What kind of tea does Pinglin have?
Green Tea, Pouchong Tea, Oriental Beauty Tea, Black tea, Old Tea,Roasted Tea, Tieh-Kuan-Yin Tea, Pouchong Flower Tea,
and so on.

Hsiang-Tai Tea Company has any kinds of tea that Pinglin owns; even some new products are only available at Hsiang-Tai.

Any distinctive tea in Pinglin

Lung-Ya Green Tea
The most refreshing taste with natural sweetness flavor.
Pouchong Tea
A smooth and fragrant taste with beautiful golden color.
Roasted Tea(Roasted Pouchong)
A warm and sweet tea with strong and traditional good taste.
Oriental Beauty Tea
A tea with ripe fruit and honey flavor fully praised by the Queen Elizabeth II.
Taiwan Black Tea
An aromatic rich honey flavor smashing stereotypes of traditional image.
Old Tea(Old Pouchung,Old oolong)
A tea well stored over 20 years with a warm and smooth taste; even top-grade ones have ginseng flavor which can only be found by accident, and not through seeking.

Lung-Ya Green Tea Pouchong Tea Light Roasted Pouchong Heavy Roasted Pouchong Oriental Beauty Tea Taiwan Black Tea
Old Tea (Old Pouchung,Old oolong)

Pouchong Flower Tea

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